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Bits and bytes, foos and bars.


XKCD Velociraptor Problem

In which we present a numerical solution to the second problem of the XKCD webcomic's velociraptor safety quiz.

Java HeatMap

Java HeatMap

A Heat Map is a common visualization method for viewing the values of a two-dimensional map. Here is an easy-to-use Java class to draw a heat map.

Cadence Plotter

Convert Cadence Layout to SVG / PDF / PNG

I created a small script to help convert a design layout from the Cadence IC design tools into a high-quality SVG image file. This file can then be converted into any image format, including PDF, GIF, and PNG.

Makefile -jX setting

Makefile -jX setting: How many concurrent jobs is optimal?

When building software with the make tool, one of the options is the -jX option. If you have a dual- or quad-core processor, how many concurrent compilations is optimal?

Grid of Resistors

Infinite Grid of Resistors

In one of the XKCD comics there is a problem of finding equivalent resistances of an infinite grid of ideal one-ohm resistors. A solution by simulation is presented.

Folding@Home on OSX

How to Start and Stop Folding@Home on OSX

Instructions on how to start and stop the Folding@Home client software on your Apple OSX computer.

Lego Rendering with POVRay

Lego Rendering with POV-Ray

At the end of my first semester at Minnesota, I spent some time playing around with creating high-quality renderings of Lego models. I created some cool images and videos, and posted them here.

Class Scheduler

Class Scheduler

An application to help you plan a class schedule, automatically eliminating conflicting scheduling options. Hopefully it can help you reduce the total number of schedules to a more reasonable number.

Lightsaber Rotoscoping Scripts

Lightsaber Rotoscoping Scripts Updated!

A series of scripts to convert a raw video stream into a mosaic image made from the video's frames. You can then apply the necessary filters and tools to add in the lightsaber glow effect.

Handy Scripts

Handy Scripts Updated!

A collection of useful little scripts, including scripts to help deal with digital cameras, pocket drives, and Gnuplot.

GPG Tips and Tricks

GPG Tips and Tricks

NCAA Basketball Tournament Data

NCAA Basketball Tournament Data

In which I obtain data from the NCAA Division 1 Mens Basketball Tournament and try to use machine learning techniques to excel at March Madness.

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