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Artsy Things

In which I exercise the other side of my brain.


Animation with Inkscape: SVGAni

Inkscape is a very good SVG editing program, but it doesn't have very good support for animation. Here's a way to do a "manual" form of animation, by doing automatic search-and-replace of special parameters in the SVG source code.

Isometric Projection

Isometric Projection in Inkscape

I happen to like drawing with isometric projection, and wanted to use my favorite image editor, Inkscape. I found that simply rotating objects and text wasn't producing the proper transformation for isometric projection. With a bit of math, I soon figured out the proper transformation steps.

Perspective Poster

Perspective Motivational Poster

In 1990, the Voyager 1 spacecraft took a picture of the Earth from a distance of 3.7 million miles. Carl Sagan delivered a commencement address with some very moving words about our Pale Blue Dot. I made a motivational-style poster from the image and text.

SVG Drawings

SVG Drawings

These are some drawings I've created in Inkscape. They are all saved in SVG file format, so they should be easy for you to import into Inkscape, Illustrator, Visio, etc.

SVG Circuit Symbols

SVG Circuit Symbols

Sometimes I like to use Inkscape to draw circuit schematics. I have collected and standardized a handful of the most commonly used circuit symbols in high-quality vector SVG format.

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