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SVG Drawings

These are some drawings I've created in Inkscape. They are all saved in SVG file format, so they should be easy for you to import into Inkscape, Illustrator, Visio, etc.

I'll add more drawings as I get to it. Hopefully you find these drawings useful. A drawings are hereby released into the public domain. Do whatever you like with them, no fees or credit due. Of course, if you find them useful and are doing something cool with these drawings, I'd love to hear from you.

Graphic LCDGraphic LCD 128x64

This drawing is based on a common graphic LCD panel with 128 x 64 pixels, modeled after this part sold by Sparkfun Electronics.

Designed to be compatible with Fritzing's Graphic Standards.

Download SVG

Logic GatesLogic Gates

To get the other types of gates you can simply remove the parts you don't need. Need a plain AND gate? Simply remove the inversion bubble from the NAND gate. Need an OR gate? Remove the XOR-arc and inversion bubble from the XNOR.

Download SVG

Karnaugh MapsKarnaugh Maps

A Karnaugh Map is a tool used to simplify boolean algebra expressions.

Download SVG

Circuit Symbols

Circuit Symbols

Sometimes you need to create a circuit schematic, but don't need or want to take the time to do it Right, using a real schematic capture program like OrCad, Eagle, or Kicad. In those situations, I like to use Inkscape to draw circuit schematics. I have collected and standardized the symbols shown below in high-quality SVG format. The components are standardized to have lines 1 pixel wide, 12 pt text, and 50 pixels in length. The IC symbol has pin label text that is easy to customize.

Download SVG

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