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Hardware Projects

Building things in the real, physical world.

ATX Power Supply

ATX to Lab Bench Power Supply Conversion

In my sophomore year of college at the University of Minnesota, I started into my main electronics classes, and needed a good power supply for working on the lab projects at home in my room. I decided to convert an old ATX power supply into a lab bench power supply.

Pneumatic Cannon

Pneumatic Cannon

While not particularly new or creative, here are my plans for a simple pneumatic (compressed-air powered) potato cannon. It can also be used for other projectiles, as long as they fit down one of the interchangable barrels. It uses an electrically operated valve, originally made for in-ground irrigation systems.


Ye Olde Chain Maille Rings

One of the most difficult parts of making chainmaille garments is making your own rings. Here is a method for winding steel wire into coils to cut into high-quality split rings, using a newly-designed brass winding tool.

Outlet Box

Extension Cord Outlet Box

I usually build a custom desk or workbench wherever I'm living, and like to have readily-accessible power outlets. Here I show you how to add your own outlet anywhere you like.

MP3 Player

Homebuilt MP3 Player

Sophomore year of high school a friend and I built a hard drive based MP3 player from the kit offered at the PJRC Website.

I have since taken this project apart and used the power supply in my new lab bench power supply (see above).

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