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Microcontroller Projects

Processors, circuits, and embedded design.


Fun with an RGB LED

A cheap RGB LED is controlled with an Arduino to produce a wide output of colors. You can either control the colors with three potentiometers, or let the colors dance on their own.

AVR-GCC Build Process

AVR-GCC Toolchain Build

The main benefit of using Atmel's line of AVR microcontrollers is the well established avr-gcc toolchain, based on the free and open source gcc compiler. There is a nicely packaged distribution for Windows, but nothing nice for Linux users. Given that a compiler toolchain is fairly important, I thought I should try building my own. Here are my notes from installing all the components of the avr-gcc toolchain.

LED Bargraph

LED Bargraph

I wanted to be able to visualize an analog signal using an LED bargraph display. In this project I show how to perform smoothing of an analog input signal and use multiplexed LED outputs.

Voltage Divider

Using a Voltage Divider

A short introduction to an important concept in analog electronics, the voltage divider. Using two resistors, it produces a new voltage based on the ratios of the two resistances.

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