21 comments on “Homemade Trunk for Harry Potter Hardcover Box Set

    • Prolly could never afford it but this is the MOST beautiful piece of art I have ever seen!!!!! I’m in love with it

    • Hi Cat3, this took a long time to build, so I don’t think I would be able to build another in time for Christmas 2017. Maybe after that? Let’s discuss via email: matthew at mbeckler dot org

  1. Hello, would you be able to tell me the dimensions on the laser engraved designs you created and placed on the side of the box?

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Matthew….you are amazingly talented!!! I was searching online for somewhere I could buy a nice, wooden box to hold the set of Harry Potter books that I’m intending to buy my 8 year old daughter for Christmas this year. She is absolutely obsessed with all things Harry Potter and up till now we have borrowed the books from the library. But as I know for sure she will love these books as much as I have, I want to buy her the full set and I thought the icing on the cake would be having a gorgeous box like this to keep them in. Any chance you’d be open to making and selling another box? Thank you for your consideration!!!

  3. Hi Matthew,
    I am in the process of creating one of these as a late Christmas gift. What size screws did you use to assemble the box?

    • Hi Andrew, I assembled the box using small nails (these days I would use a nailgun with small brad nails, plus wood glue). I attached the hardware (corners, hinges, handles) using #6×1/2″ brass screws. Since brass is beautiful but pretty weak, especially when screwing them into hardwood like oak, be sure to drill proper pilot holes first. I found that 7/64″ holes worked well, but still, take your time as you turn the screws and don’t over-tighten otherwise you run the risk of breaking a screw. Good luck!

  4. Hi, are the books easy to get out without damaging the ends of them or upending the box. They seem a little snug and flush with the top. Or is there a way that I am not seeing. Kind regards

    • Good question. I’ve been able to get the books out by grasping the spine edge by the front and back covers and pulling each one up and out. Certainly easier once the first book has been removed. You can also adjust the overall design size if you’d prefer to have more breathing room.

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