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With two cats, it’s difficult to have a puzzle sitting out on a table in-between actively solving it. At least if you want the puzzle pieces to stay on the table :-)

When we received a really nice, new-to-us high-top table that would be just perfect for board games and puzzles, I designed a lightweight cover for the table that would keep the puzzle pieces safe from the cats. Here’s the initial design I sketched up:

The design above is a side-view cross-section, showing the table top itself, plus the multi-piece cover, consisting of a plywood top and two pieces of dimensional lumber to keep the cover from falling off and also to keep it elevated above the puzzle pieces.

I hired my amateur-woodworker brother to build the lid, and it turned out great!

The finished lid matches the rest of the table so well you hardly notice it’s there.
Lift off the lid, and surprise! Puzzle pieces are secretly protected from cats.
Upside-down view – Jeremy used 5mm plywood, and added thin supports underneath the top
Here we can see the cross-section. The corner piece around the outer edge supports the cover above the puzzle pieces so they are not disturbed.